Sourced through Headwater Cannabis


Type: Indica dominant hybrid

Lineage: Khalifa Mints X Menthol




price dropped to stay competitive, not due to quality.

Some people are complaining about this round and are comparing it to the last but seem forget the last round was 260/ounce and this one started at 200, the only thing lacking on this batch is the minty terps, otherwise everything else checks the boxes.

 The next batch of KM will be about two months and will be lab tested and is on track to outdue the first one that flooded the market. 

Again - this is price dropped to stay competitive not due to quality.



ALSO - There is only ONE batch of khalifa mints and its going through us. So no one else has better batches.

Khalifa mints (Baby Yoda) AAAA

PriceFrom C$45.00